HICU is an online cannabis retailer that offers a wide range of marijuana strains in an assortment of forms, from oils and waxes to candies and baked goods to ground and unground flower. They cater to both medical and recreational users and offer consultation services for those who are seeking recommendations for specific symptoms, and educational materials for those who are unsure where to begin.

HICU offers a service no other marijuana retailer does: completely customizable cannabis products delivered right to your door. Whether you’re looking for a sample package of various blends tailor made for your unique symptoms, or if you need an exact dosage and strain in your favorite baked treat, HICU can do it all.

What HICU is really selling is the ability to choose and customize exactly what works best for you.

HICU Mission Statement
Stationery Kit

The letterhead and envelope are printed on Neenah UV/Ultra II Papers, Oxford Smooth, 28W. The subtle grid like dot texture is reminiscent of the structure of the logo, and the slight transparency on the letterhead reflects the company’s policies on being as transparent and easy to understand as possible.



Oil Packaging
Flower Packaging
Mixed Fruit Gummy Packaging